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United States Hang Gliding Rating System
independent of
clubs, corporations, associations, schools, instructors, businesses
to fulfill self-regulation per FAR 103
for recreational hang gliding in the U.S

United States Hang Gliding Rating System is a national independent ratings certifying agency regarding pilots' proficiency in solo recreational hang gliding with addressing only that which FAR 103 requires.

USHGRS is not affiliated with any hang gliding association nor hang glider business. No fees are charged to recreational hang glider pilots for the services of USHGRS. The team of recreational hang gliding mentors volunteer their expertise to bring success to this self-regulatory service.

Ratings are just one part of the sport's safety and enjoyment package; any launch calls upon immediate appraisal of all  key parameters to effect safe and enjoyable gliding and soaring; the physics of wind, weather, wing, and immediate conditions of the pilot and the environment do not get altered by a rating. A pilot is encouraged never to rely on a rating for successful launches, glides, and landings. Ratings are part of the important social and communications aspects of hang gliding activity. Keeping skills and knowledge current is more important than a declared rating; a responsible pilot will ever act within his or her present and immediate readiness relative to immediate environmental conditions. Readiness may slide or be reduced at any time. Williness to say "No" for a launch is implicit in carrying any rating.

Pilots are 100% responsible for their actions in the world. Having a rating does not reduce that responsibility.

Hang gliding has the potential of hurting oneself, others, objects, crops, structures, and animals. Any pilot is encouraged to study profoundly such potential and how to avoid injuring anyone or anything by recreationally hang gliding.